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Moving Mom from A to Z

June 14th, 2010 by - comments (2)

Though every mom is hopefully her own kids’ best support—it’s really something special when it comes full circle.

 My son  Daniel inspired me to commit to Choose You.   Since he’s thousands of miles away studying abroad, I didn’t think of asking him to be my official support—but he’s taken on that role without realizing it.

 At first he was all sweetness—as in….insisting that I stop eating sugar. 

In the last few weeks, I’ve cut way down on my chocolate consumption.  In fact I would advise everyone to sell any stock you own in any companies that sell chocolate—sales will be way down this quarter.

When I reported this sweet success to Daniel during a call on Skype, he didn’t miss a beat.   He’s moving on—and now he’s annoying asking me about what I’m doing to get moving, too. 

 Though he knows I take regular walks by the beach, he’s been  bugging encouraging me to step it up.

 So about a week ago I promised I’d add some more strenuous cardio—and I’ve been thinking  about actually doing  it. ….also thinking back on all these years and everything I’ve done.  

 I realized I’ve gone all the way from A—-aerobics classes at the original Jane Fonda’s Workout  to Y—-yoga.  And I can almost see the end from here….

Tonight:  Zumba!


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  1. Zumba is FUN! I also like that Dance Party one. I admit, I DVR them off the exercise channel for free. :)

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