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Choosing To See The Positive, Even When Things Aren’t Going Well

June 29th, 2010 by - comments (6)

Well, I’m here to admit that I was unsuccessful in my Choose You commitment.  I don’t really consider it a failure though, because I did meet most of my goals.  I’m very happy that I am finally at the point where I am not craving sweets and other junk foods.

I didn’t lose any weight, but I was successful in maintaining my healthier eating habits.  I wasn’t even tempted when my daughter brought back a plate full of deserts when we went out last week

I have no plans of giving up.  My next Choose You commitment will be to continue my healthy eating while also integrating regular exercise (specifically swimming) into my plan.  Although I hope to lose some weight in conjunction with all of this, I’m not going to hold myself to any number on a scale.  If I lose five pounds that will be a great bonus, but I know the most important thing is that I am choosing a healthier lifestyle for myself.

I recently wrote a post about choosing to see the positive when we are working hard at weight-loss and fitness goals, but not seeing many results.

I find myself in the classic half-full or half-empty mark in my healthy eating plan. I can choose to see my plan as half-empty, because I haven’t even lost one pound yet. Or I can choose to see my plan as half-full, because I have had success in eating healthier foods and avoiding sugar. In other words, I can choose to feel good about myself or choose to feel like a failure. It’s totally up to me. And I’ve decided to try something new, “choose” to feel good about myself and take a closer look at all the ways I’ve been successful.

Although I haven’t lost any weight yet, I have had the strength and willpower to maintain healthy eating habits (and give-up sugar) for over six weeks.  In my book, that’s success.

Anyway, that’s my story.  I’ll let you know more about my new commitment next week.

*Catherine is the mother of two teenagers, she writes about health & wellness at BlogHer and


6 Responses to “Choosing To See The Positive, Even When Things Aren’t Going Well”

  1. Gonna Do It! says:

    How come all of your pictures always look so tempting??

  2. Good question. I guess it’s because I don’t take a lot of pictures…But since my mom and my daughter are “supposed” to be my supporters and referee, I try to make them feel guilty by taking their picture when they do stuff like this. And it drives them even more crazy when I post about it…so I can’t pass that opportunity up.

  3. Morra says:

    They say mindfulness is the first step to success (and to fulfillment in all things, I think). You can do it!!

  4. shannon snow says:

    Ive heard that you can take a certain amount of time to get a habit established and then it is a lot easier. How long have you gone without sugar? Did you find that at certain timeframes it was really hard and then your body sort of clicked? It would be good when someone is starting out to know in advance that the first two weeks are withdrawl (for example) and that for some people around the 4th week it just clicks. Just interested. Also, have you fallen off the wagon and how did your body react?

  5. Hi Shannon.

    To answer your questions…

    The first week was the hardest (and I’m talkin “really” hard). By the end of the second week it was becoming much easier, and continues to get easier each week that goes by. I’m really not thinking about wanting sugar at all right now, and that feels great.

    I haven’t “fallen off the wagon” yet. In the past, it’s only taken one cookie or brownie for me to totally blow it, and that’s a big motivator to not take a bite. There is no “one bite” for me, I get started and I can’t stop.

    Thanks for commenting.

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