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Getting Active: 6 Women’s Tips Summer Exercise

June 1st, 2011 by - no comments

Image from the Mayo Clinic site, which includes a slideshow with good water aerobic exercises. Add in some fun music and you’ve got a keep it cool workout.

Summer came early here, on the heels of a drought. By the end of May, temperatures were already pushing 100, with equivalent humidity, and the greens had already shriveled to dried khaki and brown. Just the sound of cicadas makes exercise, such a brisk walk or jog, sound like an exhausting and unwelcome prospect. In other places, winter is hanging on, or the outdoors is a place of constant rain and wild weather. Add in busy schedules, kids, and other attention thieves, and it seems nearly impossible to get exercise. Six regular women shared their ideas for how they juggle it all in, including exercise:

Christine Green advises, “Three words: get. up. early. I do all of my exercise between 5:30 am and 7am. It is hard, but so worth it especially when the days are hot and there is a ton of stuff on the day’s agenda.” She also suggests, “Work out with the kids. Babies and toddlers can be put in a backpack and taken on a hike or walk and older kids can hike, run, or walk with you. It’s a good way to introduce them to exercise.”

That’s so true. I often shift to daily yoga in the summer, from a tape on TV, and my kids like to join in. Nearly any mobile age can, but with little ones you have to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t get hurt. It’s a good fun start to the day, and a healthy example. An evening family bike ride is another good idea.

Sandra Julich advises, “There are aquatic exercises with noodles for free on-line that I would like to try this year while watching the kids out by our pool. I normally either get up early or will take them to our gym with fun child care, classes and camps.”

The Mayo Clinic has a really easy-to-follow slide show with good aquatic exercises.

Catherine Holecko advises, “This is the golden year where both my kids are the right age for the “fun” drop-off kids’ area at our Y. (It’s not for little tinies–that’s child care; and it’s not for older kids–they can roam free.) So I’m ALL OVER that. Plus, we can ride our bikes to the Y for more exercise. I also use the dreaded ‘mill for days when it’s too hot or buggy to be outside, or when I need to be at home with kids. I save my favorite podcasts for treadmill sessions. Lots more on this at my site.”

The pool is a common theme!┬áNatalie Schaffer O’Neill also suggests swimming laps at the pool, pointing out that there are lifeguards for the kiddos. She also suggests water aerobics. Water aerobics are a good cardio workout and are easy on the joints. In the class I’ve taken ages have ranged from 27 to 70!

Mary P Gilmour also says she has always used water – pool or beach. She said, “Works once the kids are old enough to swim a bit. When they were really little, my mother-in-law (bless her) would watch them while I swam.”

It’s a good idea if you don’t have access to childcare to do a tradeoff with a friend. Exercise buddies are great to motivate you and keep you on track, even if they aren’t necessarily working out with you.


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