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The Way You Look Tonight (And Any Time of Day)

July 25th, 2011 by - no comments

On the Choose You Facebook page, a few wonderful Choose You folks started a really important conversation about appearance. One lady said she needed to exercise, because she hated how she looked. Another said it’s really about being happy because you’re healthy, not how you look.

What I think? They’re both right.

When I look in the mirror and see bags under my eyes, I know I’m tired. I dislike looking that way, and I know what I need to do is make an early (or on time) bedtime a priority, because sleep matters to my health. I know I feel tired, but sometimes, seeing it written on my face has a stronger impact, maybe because it’s visual, it’s on the outside. Feeling tired on the inside, I can drink more coffee, power up, power through. But nothing, no matter what the ads say, can hide those exhausted, bag-laden, red-rimmed, strained eyes.

I see my poor health choice. I see I need to make a change.

When I get back from a rich food indulgent vacation, and my pants are tight, my belt squeezes an unwelcome lump of flesh around my middle, and my favorite clothes pull uncomfortably, my vanity pricks me, but it also tells me I lost sight of my healthy eating priorities and overdid it for my body. I need to rededicate myself to my health and exercise commitments and nudge that number on the scale down and those inches on my waist back to a healthy BMI.

I see my poor health choice. I see I need to make a change.

The original discussion came from a post about the link between diet, exercise and cancer:

“How much do daily habits like diet and exercise affect our risk for cancer? Much more than you might think. Increasingly, researchers agree that poor diets and sedentary lifestyles are among the most important contributors to cancer risk.”

Bottom line, it’s true, it’s about health, it’s about cancer prevention.

But sometimes how you look, how clothes fit an be an insight, a temperature gauge, in to how you’re doing, caring for yourself. Not always, but it can be.

The key also, and in my opinion this is crucial, is to only measure yourself against yourself. And I mean your adult self, not your youthful self. They key is to know what your body, at your age, needs, and how it looks at its best. Your doctor can help with this, help you find ideal weight and BMI for you.

Cosmo? Not so much.

Don’t get confused between looking healthy and being healthy, either. Remember the bottom line? Choosing You and making healthy choices.

As Choose You fan Cathy said, “. . .it’s really not about how you look-it’s about being happy because you are healthy-you will look and feel better just because you made healthy choices.”

That’s the real bottom line. You want to eat right, get active, do health checks, protect your skin and let go of harmful habits such as smoking…for your health. In fact, this motivation is more likely to be successful overall and is less likely to have negative consequences. Focusing on health benefits and realistic goals for yourself are, actually, proven to be the best factors for success.

But getting an eyeful might be just what it takes to make you sit up and pay attention.




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